There are three essential elements to getting a website online:
The domain name, web design, and web hosting.

Domain Name

Most people are familiar with the domain name, or the “.com” of a website. The domain name is used as the universal web address that allows anyone in the world to access your website.

Web Design

Web design includes all content, graphics, and code that is present on the website. This is the most critical aspect of getting a website online. The overall web design reflects the brand of your business or project and should always be up to date with correct information.

Web Hosting

The website content and design is accessible online. The servers that store this content give access to any computer that points to the domain name. The domain name directs users to the web hosting. This is the final requirement for getting a website online.

The web is changing on a daily basis. Our team of professionals stay up to date on the latest web and mobile technology and trends to ensure your website follows the web standards of today.

What is responsive design?

Responsive design allows your device browser to display website content relative to the device that your are using. This means that whether you are viewing a website on a desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet, or mobile phone – you are getting a great experience. The website responds to the browser and device.